Design Constraints

Kitset; (noun) N.Z. the components and aids for assembling an article (radio, furniture, etc.) or model (aeroplane, etc). (

Our kitset shelter design must conform to a set of size, weight and cost parameters.

The size and weight of the final design is determined by the limits set out by Jetstar for their carry-on luggage; it must weigh no more than 10 kilos and fit into a package within the maximum dimensions of 560mm x 360mm x 230mm.

Our kitset shelter must also cost no more than $100 to produce, be easily transportable without damage and contain a comprehensive set of instructional drawings; the instructional drawings can either be integrated into the packaging itself or a set of separate drawings.

In order to better understand the size constraints for our kitset we built a mock up of a ‘bag’ that fitted within Jetstar’s maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage



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