Instructional Drawings

The brief for our kitset shelter specifies that we must include a comprehensive series of instructional drawings with the final design. We were required to explore and analyse different types of kitsets and their accompanying instructional drawings; through this exploration we were then able to establish which types of instructional drawings worked well and were easy to understand, and which ones did not.

Christina looked at the instructional drawings for a kitset model bi-plane by Wellington based company Abstract Designs.

Easy to understand, clearly illustrated assembly instructions, with arrows to show where each piece fits together.


The fun part – testing the effectiveness of the instructions. I began by laying out the kitset parts according to the drawing…


The model plane mid assembly…


The finished product!


I did find the kitset very quick and simple to put together. The only point that I had a problem with was the assembly of the propeller pieces, as they were slotted together slightly differently from the rest of the model – a more detailed drawing would have helped, although it was quite easy to work out how the pieces fitted together with a little experimentation.



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