Instructional Drawings #3 – Paper Sky

Running with the theme of origami instructions, I found a project called Paper Sky by OH.NO.SUMO – an experimental design collective of four Auckland University School of Architecture graduates.

The Paper Sky project was created as an installation for the Poggenpohl Kitchens showroom in Parnell as part of the 2010 Urbis Design Day. it utilised over 20,000 hand-folded paper modules in order to create a single immersive spatial experience; ‘Designed as a flexible tetrahedron system of two interlocking module units, the system was able to dip down over bench tops, roll gently over cabinetry and soar over sinks. The triangulated form allowed for intuitive sculpting of the final form over each kitchen rather than having to adhere to a predetermined layout. This allowed for quick on-site alterations and the opportunity to quickly fine-tune the spatial volumes’ (

Paper modules ready and waiting for assembly




I was really inspired by this project; simple and extremely effective. I also loved the modular nature of the elements, something so ordered, angular and precise as the tetrahedron put together in such an organic way. On the OH.NO.SUMO website I found the instructions for constructing the separate modules, so I decided to make my own as a way to test the effectiveness of their folding instructions.

OH.NO.SUMO Tetrahedron instructions


My own version…. slightly worse for wear after travelling to tech!



It was a really interesting origami piece to put together, and its modular nature was something that Amy and I decided could be interesting to explore with the design of our kitset shelter.



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