The Concept of Shelter

The Oxford English Dictionary defines shelter as:

1. (noun) a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger                                    a place providing food and accommodation for the homeless;                                                                      an animal sanctuary

2. (mass noun) a shielded or safe condition; protection

Our concept of shelter is two-fold; not only is it a physical space which provides a dry, secure and stable environment for the inhabitant but, and perhaps more importantly, it is a space which presents a psychological refuge from external threats, acting as a protective shield to envelop the occupant and hold them safe.

Our approach to this brief was to create a structure that provided an element of respite and relief from the outside world. We felt it was important to design a shelter that would allow the user to withdraw into their own personal and private space; something that is not often readily available in a post-disaster environment. We hope that by creating an opportunity for the user to remove themselves from an overwhelming and distressing situation, even if only for a few moments, it might encourage the user to take time for reflection and psychological recovery.



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