Lonnie Hutchinson

Before Sunrise 2010 Lonnie Hutchinson

When designing the kitset shelter we are always mindful of ensuring it is both a practical and user-friendly structure but also something that evokes an element of beauty. The person inhabiting the shelter needs to be inspired and comforted by the dwelling and we hope to incorporate an aspect of delight into the shelter design itself and not as an addition.

An artist that came to mind who has done beautiful work using a utilitarian material is Maori/Samoan artist Lonnie Hutchinson. Before Sunrise is a work with black building paper which Hutchinson has intricately cut by hand to create a delicate lacelike filigree. Samoan and Maori motifs are repeated patterns and resemble veils or skirts, symbolising the Seven Sisters of the Taurus Constellation.

Before Sunrise 2010 2before sunrise 2010






The hand cut patterns are incredible when one thinks of how much time it might have taken to make, and the shadows that reflect onto the wall add to the beauty of the work. The building paper is no longer a simply functional two dimensional material but a work of art.



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