Changing Directions

While our model geodesic dome was an interesting notion to explore, we felt a bit hesitant as to how to take the form forward in terms of creating our kitset shelterthe nature of the geodesic dome in itself already being such a finite and resolved form.

We decided to go back to our previous folding explorations and returned to the geometry of OH.NO.SUMO’s Paper Sky project. This time we made a structure that was bigger than our first model – consisting in total of 21 tetrahedrons.


The result was a very curious and quite interesting, slightly curving shape; creating both fascinating angled planes and shadows on the exterior, and beautiful geometric linear forms on the interior.


Shadows cast by the exterior forms



We both felt that this structure could be a very interesting form to pursue; it led us to the notion of creating a modular kitset shelter that is parasitic in nature and will allow the user a sense of freedom in how the final design is put together.


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