Gregor Kregar

While researching tetrahedrons and geometric shapes, we were reminded of a fabulous sculptor, Slovenian born Gregor Kregar. Now mainly based in New Zealand, the work we felt was particularly inspiring were his constructions, usually made of stainless steel such as the Brick Bay Polyhedron. The appearance of his sculptures, while geometric also created an organic form and while at times alien looking also took on elements of its surroundings, by reflecting the environments around it. We also noted that some of work which resembled the geodesic dome, he called truncated icosahedrons, made up of glass triangles. We could see that beautiful and dynamic art could be created using the tetrahedron shape and there seemed to be quite a lot of versatility with them

Brick Bay Polyhedron 2007, mirror polished stainless steel. “The shape echoes the macrocosmic construction of natural elements by imitating natural molecular systems…”


Cardboard Construction, 2007, recycled cardboard34















One More Round, 2005, fused glass and steel73


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