Scaling the Tetrahedrons

Our next step was to start looking at the size of our final tetrahedron modules. We decided on a pattern that was 360mm x 360mm in order to fit comfortably within the size parameters.

After cutting out the square from black builders paper, we then cut out three triangles from corrugated cardboard to line the inside. We are using the cardboard to give the paper more rigidity – the last thing we want is a shelter that feels too fragile. The cardboard also adds a warmer colour to the inside of the structure and will provide some insulation.


Next we affixed the cardboard pieces onto the builders paper – the cardboard inserts are 10mm smaller on each edge in order to fold up the tetrahedron neatly.


Folding up the template



We are also still looking into adding coloured inserts to our modules, so we tested how this would work in our 1:1 model.


The two completed 1:1 tetrahedrons



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