Scaling the Tetrahedrons Part 2!

After presenting our work so far, it was agreed that it might be beneficial to scale up the tetrahedrons even more. We realised that the square module could be folded down to fit and decided to use the longest dimension of the package i.e. 560mm, to be the maximum measurement of the module. This size meant that there would be less tetrahedrons to make and less work to put together for the end-user plus the larger size was more proportional to the human inhabitant. In order for us to progress we knew we had to make a 1:1 model to fully resolve and understand any issues that would arise.













We used tape as a temporary way to connect the shapes as we wanted to make sure we had figured out the form before committing to something permanent.











We soon realised that these temporary attachments were too flimsy to achieve anything and we felt we had to wrestle with the structure to make it work. We concluded that we needed to join it properly to progress with the design.


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