Fitting Within Parameters

While constructing our 1:1 modules we were also considering how the individual pieces would break down and fit into the size parameters of the Jetstar carry-on luggage. With one of our test pieces we determined that each module would fold up to a thickness of 10mm; working on this basis we continued to construct our 21 tetrahedrons…

It was not until we had 12 of them piled up that we realised that each module was folding to 20mm – double our original measurement. Having only a width of 230mm to fit in to we very quickly realised that our kitset pieces were going to far exceed this parameter. We concluded that the cardboard that we had used in our test module was much thinner than the cardboard that we had used for our 1:1 modules… so, sourcing thinner card we set about cutting out the 63 corrugated cardboard inserts again…

Comparing the size difference between the stacked modules with the different corrugated cardboard inserts…


Using our mock-up Jetstar carry-on luggage, we stacked the newly constructed modules inside to make sure that they would fit… which they did. Phew!



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