Delight of the Written Word

We have been considering different materials from the domestic interior that can be used to make the inserts for our shelter. Both Amy and I are avid readers and agreed that there is a certain comfort that can be found in books; the written word can not only provide a sense of escape from reality, but provide comfort in the notion of a human connection – the resonance of the authors presence.

With this in mind, we decided to test using pages from books as a option for our inserts. Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels became our first sacrifice (it felt awful destroying a book!)…

Corrugated cardboard insert frames waiting to be covered


Attaching the pages to the cardboard frame


The insert is then attached to the interior of the tetrahedron module



View of the completed insert from the exterior of the module


We were both very happy with the atmosphere created by the light filtering through the pages, however we did wonder at how the user of the shelter would feel about destroying books in order to create the inserts.

We also looked at how the inserts would be attached to the interior of the modules, as our test insert was only temporarily taped in place. We were keen to look at a way that would enable the user to remove the insert and cover the hole with an opaque material should they wish to.

Our thoughts turned to the other connections within the structure and how they could then be applied to fastening the inserts. We settled on a simple solution of using double-sided tape to apply the material to the corrugated card insert frame (be it plastic bags, pages from books or baking paper for example). The cardboard frame would then be attached to the module using split pins – thus making it straightforward to remove.

Interior view of the cardboard frame attached to the tetrahedron module using split pins


Unfortunately our paper insert suffered a slight mishap…

Exterior view



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