On the Home Stretch

With only a week to go before our final crit on Wednesday 30th October, it was all go in studio working on our kitset shelter design.

Today we began cutting out panels from the tetrahedron modules, which the covered cardboard frames will eventually go over in order to allow light into the structure – whilst adding an element of delight!

Measuring the panel to be cut from the tetrahedron module


Tidy desk, tidy mind???


Each cardboard frame was marked with a number to correspond with its matching tetrahedron, then nine holes were punched through the frame and the building paper so that the pieces can be secured together with split pins.


Next we started to cover the insert frames. Our intention is that the kitset shelter will arrive with the frames empty and then the user will use different materials sourced from their homes to cover them. In this instance Amy and I used green rubbish bags, red cellophane and baking paper (all materials sourced from our own homes), but we imagined that the user could also use sheets, plastic bags or pages from books and magazines.

The frames would come pre-prepared with double-sided tape which the chosen material can then be adhered to.


The frame with green plastic rubbish bag attached


The frame as it will appear on the interior of the shelter


The insert covering production line


The final kitset will have eleven inserts in all. Can’t wait to see how it looks when we suspended the structure again on Friday!


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