A Corner Condition

One of the things we found so appealing about the modular tetrahedron system was that the geometry lent itself to being arranged in various configurations and could have the potential for a variety of installations. We decided to look at the suspension condition, we had already tried a single plane for attaching the shelter but in our minds, we had always envisioned that it would be attached between two perpendicular walls or the corner of the room. So now that our inserts had been made and installed finally, it was time to test our shelter in this environment.

An issue we have consistently dealt with is that the shelter sometimes has a mind of its own, and wants to create its own shape and not the one we want!

P1220434Wrestling with the shelter to create the form that we wanted while figuring out where to attach it to the wall

We really struggled with trying to work out how to make the corner condition work, but we were really delighted with the effect created in the interior.

P1220437P1220438P1220427 P1220432


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