Instructional Drawings 2.0

After giving our shelter to our friend to construct using a first attempt at drawings, it became clear where we needed to address any confusion or flaws. Ultimately, it came down to adding a lot more information. This didn’t come as a surprise as we knew that the first iteration of the drawings was only a guide and would need a lot more thinking through. We needed to add written instructions, showing the whole module rather than just the face of one, more steps/more detail in general, a packing list (which was always going to be included) and we realised we needed to make the diagram of the overall structure clearer. So we did a rough iteration of the instructions in order to address the feedback.

packing list1 insert

2 tetras3 hexagon4 suspend

However, this didn’t mean that it was any easier to do the drawings, there were still many aspects to resolve i.e. what format would be presented to the user, what technique we would use to communicate the instructions (drawing/CAD/photos). Initially we had thought to do hand drawings as a more accessible, friendly way to present the instructions, yet we wondered if it might have added to the confusion. So we are now looking at a way we can combine the precision of CAD with the comfort of the hand drawings.


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