Single Plane Suspension

‘Suspension Saturday’ turned out to be a day of two steps forward, and a tiny, niggly step backwards.

After concluding that our structure would be better suited to a single plane, rather than a corner condition, we proceeded to suspend the structure again. The realisation that we could no longer use the two extra side tetrahedrons as originally intended threw us a bit, but we persevered; the two extra tetrahedrons were in order to add further curve to the shelter, but the structure just wouldn’t take the added stress that attaching the two side pieces created.

Once the structure was suspended as much as possible at this point, we were able to finally experience the interior space with the coloured inserts in place. We attached a cord to the centre of the top hexagon so that it could be pulled away from the wall a bit; this way we could experiment with different points of suspension and, now that we were no longer using the two side tetrahedrons, consider how we would be able to achieve the curving geometry with the existing 19 tetrahedrons.

Interior of the structure (with the weight in place in the base)





It was really lovely to have the inserts in place – the interior space felt much more dynamic; the filtered coloured light enhancing the space and creating strong associations with the calming and comforting qualities of stained glass. We both spent quite a bit of time sitting in the shelter, just contemplating this space that we had created. Even though we were in a busy room, full of students laughing and talking and working, this structure created a physical boundary between us and the rest of the room; it was quiet and calm, and quite lovely – a comforting coloured light and cardboard embrace!

We knew that there was plenty of room for two people to comfortably sit within the shelter, but we wondered about how much cover was provided for a person lying down. Amy tried first, and was entirely concealed by the base of the structure. Christina however, was only mostly concealed – sadly her feet stuck out the end! But curled up, she could quite comfortably have napped!


The one niggly point still to consider is how to pull the central point of the top hexagon away from the wall in order to create the curved interior space we wanted; this had been achieved up to this point by one of us physically pulling the structure out. Our immediate thoughts are to somehow suspend or pull the structure out from central points – but where would the connections be that would allow us to do this? Something to think about over night.

Still, a successful day in terms of the interior space; it’s so nice when things turn out just as you had imagined!


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