Coding the Hexagons

As we developed the instructional drawings, it became clear to us that we would need to use some kind of coding system to make it obvious to the user which tetrahedron went with the next to create the three hexagons. We decided to name the hexagons, A, B and C with each tetrahedron numbered from 1 to 6. We agreed that it be best if the letters and numbers were stamped or written on the interior and would make it a feature rather than try to conceal them. We felt that using a stencil template would be the most sympathetic with the cardboard and in fact, referenced the kind of typography usually used in labelling packaging boxes.

We couldn’t retain the cool graphics and packaging information shown on this cardboard as we needed to change to a thinner cardboard, however we felt the stencil echoed the look of it, and will remind the user of the human engagement created when making the stencil.





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