Instructional Drawings 3.0 – The Final Version!

Bearing in mind the feedback that we had had with regards to our instructional drawings, we embarked on creating our final set of assembly instructions. Ultimately we decided to go with CAD drawings as they were a cleaner and more precise method of conveying information. Along with the CAD illustrations we are also providing photographs to give the user an idea of what the end of each step will look like and what the final kitset will look like when constructed.

One of the suggestions for improving our instructional drawings was to provide an inventory, or packing list of all the items included in the kitset. We decided that the best way to do this was to use photographs of the actual items, so that the user could immediately identify the parts provided in the kitset.

Picture screws, cable ties, split pins, cord and scissors


Folded tetrahedron modules, felt pockets, insert frames and suspension discs


We then incorporated these images, along with a number supplied, into the first page of our instructional drawings. We thought that it would also be important to note that there are spares of certain parts, so that the user will not be unsure at the end of construction and realise there are still pieces in the kitset!

Cover page showing image of fully constructed and suspended shelter 


First page showing packing list and overall configuration


Second page showing assembly of the insert pieces


Next is putting together the tetrahedrons


Then filling the felt pockets


Page five is the overview of the structure assembly


Page six explains how each tetrahedron is arranged into a hexagon


Page seven moves on to the suspension of the structure


The next page then shows where the next pieces are added to the structure


And finally how the structure is fully suspended


We have tried to be very clear with our instructions and illustrations, using images of the tools and pieces needed at the top for each step and a finished product image at the end. We have also added a lot of written information to guide the user through the steps. We are pretty happy with the results – it’s all coming together!!!


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