Packaging Development

We liked the idea of the package being like a hat box or almost like a gift that you open up to find the present within, we thought we would need to tie a cord around the modules in order to be able to lift them out as there wouldn’t be much room for fingers. In the same way we started to think about how the tools and assembly instructions would be presented. A piece of fabric that unrolled to reveal the contents within pockets seemed appropriate and a space saving exercise.

We decided on cardboard to make up the package as it was a fundamental part of the shelter and would be an appropriate material to create the structure we wanted. It was agreed that the points of connection should be echoed by the package also, so we looked at using holes and rivets. We chose to show the connecting tabs on the exterior of the package to continue the idea of exposing the interior, turning the standard design of a box inside out. Labelling was stencilled on top of the box to create consistency with the typography used in the shelter.

Full scale mock up




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