A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

We had been exploring the idea of creating a fold-out instructional pocket that would neatly fold up and store away within the packaging. In our minds this fold out pocket would resemble something like a fold out pencil case, or the fold out kits used by archaeologists.

Fold out pencil case



Archaeologists tool kit



Our first decision to make was the eventual size of our instructions, as this would determine how much space there would be left for the pockets for the tools. Originally we had imagined that there would be two fold out parcels, one for the instructions and another for the tools, but in the end we decided that a single fabric fold out would be sufficient. 

We decided that our final instructions would be A3 size, so that each diagram would be clear. With this in mind we cut a piece of felt that was 540mm wide by 690mm high – this height would allow the piece to be folded over three times. We chose to use felt in order to have continuity with our other fabric elements.

Planning the size of the instructional fold out


We also wanted to see if stenciling labels directly onto the felt would work, but the nature of the fabric left the writing looking blurred and untidy.


After having printed out our instructional drawings, we were able to then lay them out on the fabric and determine the size of the pocket that would hold them, along with where the rest of the pockets that will hold the cord, cable ties, split pins etc. will be placed.


We decided to use the black felt, rather than a colour as it was a nicer contrast to the white of the instructions. It was also felt (!!!) that using the green and red colours in close proximity would perhaps encourage Christmas connotations.

Pinning the pockets, ready for sewing


The instructions pocket was designed so that when the fabric case was unfolded the top of the instructions were clear to see


As with the packaging and the shelter itself, all the seams and stitches were left exposed, highlighting the details which are often carefully hidden away.

The finished fold out case: a place for everything and everything in its place





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